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Lately John and I have been favoring the "live" recording process (we go to a restaurant or coffee shop, find a table, set down the recorder and begin), in part because Skype can be, um ... kinda problematic. And eating and drinking while talking comes easy to us. So for the time being we're sticking with it. Live recording, that is. And eating and drinking, which I'm told is helpful.

Again this week we recorded the show at Panera Bread, next to the AMC Fenway 10 theater in Boston. The films discussed are Little Fockers, Gulliver's Travels and the Norweigan flick Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale.

Plus we offer our picks of the week. For me it's Cyrus, I'm Still Here and Troll 2 on Blu-ray. For John it's A&E's Billy the Exterminator: Season One.

The total running time is about 1 hour.

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- Steve

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