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This week, your hosts Steve Head and John Black discuss the new Nicolas Cage actioner, Drive Angry 3D, and Farrelly brothers' comedy, Hall Pass, starring Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis.

For our picks of the week, John selects 1957's Sweet Smell of Success on Criterion, and I select two titles from the filmography of director Peter Yates, who passed away last month: the 1969 Dustin Hoffman/Mia Farrow drama John and Mary and the 1973 Boston crime film The Friends of Eddie Coyle, starring Robert Mitchum.

On March 2nd and 3rd, in tribute to Peter Yates, the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, Ma, will screen 35mm prints of two of his films: the quintessential Steve McQueen film Bullitt (1968), and the rarely seen British film Robbery (1967), starring Stanley Baker.  Visit for more information and to buy tickets.

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