Emphatic for the cinematic!

It's all X-Men this week, as Bob Chipman (a.k.a. MovieBob and The Game Overthinker, and contributor to Escapist Magazine) joins John and me to discuss director Matthew Vaughn's excursion into the world of Marvel: X-Men: First Class. So many characters. So many mini-plot-lines. It seemed a recipe for a $160-million dollar mess. But... well... things ain't so messy. Turns out this darn X-Men prequel is perhaps the best of the lot. This we attempt to explain in 54 minutes.

For our picks of the week, John and I both admit our amazement for Fumihiko Sori's TO, the newly released Blu-ray/DVD anime set from Funimation. As for a couple more new titles, I say you've gotta check out director Leslie Zemeki's documentary about the history of burlesque in America,  Behind the Burly Q; John says the Sofia Loren Award Collection 4-disc set is an absolute Must See, in particular, her 1964 film Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow; and Bob says the Nicolas Cage actioner Drive Angry is all the over-the-top goodness it was intended to be.

This episode was recorded at Panera Bread, across the street from the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline, MA. As always, we tried to find a quite spot to record. Our apologies for any obtrusive background noise.

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