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Joining John Black and Steve Head this week is film critic Greg Vellante. Greg writes for the Eagle Tribune, a New England daily. And you can find all of his reviews at This week they lament Pixar's dive into cold commercialism with Cars 2. Sure, Cars was Pixar's arguably least well received film. And, at least by Pixar's standards, it did alright at the box office. But the real money here is in its merchandising. It's billions, people. Billions. We also discuss the new Cameron Diaz comedy Bad Teacher. To enjoy it, we needed to willingly suspend our disbelief. But that didn't happen. We did, however, enjoy the new Pixar short Toy Story: Hawaiian Vacation, which plays before Cars 2.

For our picks of the week, John and Steve recommend the documentary American: The Bill Hicks Story, Steve can't say enough about the comedy Cedar Rapids, and Greg says you definitely have to check out Louie: Season One.

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