Emphatic for the cinematic!

We get to talkin' 'bout...

  • Funimation's new Blu-ray restoration/upgrade of "DragonBall Z: Level 1:1"
  • Mr. JJ Abrams' "Super 8" ... which is lookin' super sweet on Blu-ray
  • The super low-budget, Roxbury, MA-filmed horror flick "The House of the Damned” (1966)
  • The Robert Altman-produced drama "Welcome to L.A." (1976)
  • Disney's "Prep and Landing" on DVD
  • Gabriel Iglesias: Fluffy's Back 2 disc set from Comedy Central
  • The Sy Fy Channels' "Being Human"
  • The new "Toy Story" short film "Small Fry," which is attached to "The Muppets." is where you'll find all of our episodes online, and other stuff.

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