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John and Steve review Jonah Hex and Toy Story 3.

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In this week's episode, John and Steve review The Karate Kid (2010), and the new blu-ray releases Showgirls (1995) and Fight Club (1999).

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Steve and John discuss the merits of the new action remake of the the 70's TV show, The A Team and review DVD releases of Tales of the Golden Monkey and Curb Your Enthusiasm  Season 7.

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Steve Head and John Black discuss the following DVD release, To Live and Die in LA and the films Shrek 4, MacGruber and Please Give.

After that they talk about being underaged and sneaking into Exorcist, The Clockwork Orange and the Deer Hunter.

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Steve and John talk with Vincenzo Natali, director of the horror/scifi film, Splice.

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