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Yes, it's March, and here it is: our long overdue Top 5 Absolute Worst films of 2013.

We recorded this episode back in January on the day the Oscar nominations were announced. At the time, of course, this was timely. Maybe it still is. Or maybe it can at least provide some balance to all the American Hustle and Gravity love dispenced at this year's Oscars.

Why is the a Lost Episode? Well ... While editing the audio my laptop went lights out. A total crash. I figured the audio was gone, so I put the thought of this minor tragedy behind me. Then, a couple days a go, while I was looking for a file, I found the 9 raw files comprising our Worst of '13 recording on one of my flash discs.

So here it is! Join me and fellow Boston Online Film Critic Association members Brett Michel and Bob Chipman as we discuss our absolute WORST moviegoing experiences of 2013.

It's angsty fun for one and all!

- Steve

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